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Hannay Realty Advisors has owned and operated commercial real estate in virtually every asset class and has transacted over $750 Million of office, retail and industrial properties.

Hannay Realty Advisors built their success on a commitment and dedication to outstanding property management. For over thirty years, the company has owned and managed a multitude of commercial properties in the United States. Further, because Hannay is a property owner, they understand what brings value to a property, both in maintaining the physical elements of the project as well as nurturing professional relationships with tenants, vendors and leasing teams that create dynamic and successful commercial properties.

Besides bringing the owner’s perspective to the property management process, which truly sets Hannay apart from other property management firms, is the use of in-house asset managers. This service enables Hannay to provide strategic oversight, advice and direction to the entire team working on the property, including the property managers, leasing teams and facilities maintenance teams. It is unique in the property management business and a service that neither national or local property management firms provide.

The Hannay planning process offers a comprehensive analysis of the project including market assessment, property review and evaluation, development of a strategic plan, financial recommendations and an outline of recommended long-term capital expenditures. It is unbiased and independent with a focus on maximizing returns on the properties.

Hannay’s commitment to in-house facilities maintenance is just another aspect of their property management services that support efforts to provide the highest level of customer service for tenants as well as the most cost-effective upkeep of the owner’s property. Since Hannay has its own maintenance staff and fleet of trucks, they are able to respond to customer needs quickly and more efficiently. State-of-the-art facilities management software provides tenants with a more convenient and reliable resource to report property issues and allows Hannay to closely monitor the response time to tenant calls and accurately track time utilized by project personnel.

By providing asset management along with property management and facilities maintenance, Hannay is truly able to deliver on the promise of adding value to their clients’ properties.

Whether the property is large or small, Class A or Class C, Hannay’s experience in property management helps clients maximize asset value. Each property is treated with the same dedication and attention to detail that Hannay provides to their own properties, and uncompromising service is a hallmark of everything they do.

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