Office Buildings

Hannay Realty Advisors brings their unique owner’s perspective to office building
management and leasing. Having owned and operated millions of square feet of
office product over several real estate cycles, Hannay has developed a comprehensive
office building management platform that consistently adds value. Whether the
project is large or small, single-tenant or multi-tenant, Hannay’s
experience in office building management will ensure maximum returns on
commercial real estate investments.

Leasing Management and Occupancy for Office Buildings

In today’s challenging commercial real estate market with high vacancy, falling lease rates and real estate-savvy tenants pushing landlords as far as they can, it takes a special combination of aggressiveness, flexibility and local market knowledge to optimize leasing at an office project.

At Hannay Realty Advisors, the asset management team has a unique combination of skills coupled with years of office leasing experience to retain tenants, attract new ones and maintain overall property values by maximizing occupancy. With the office building market becoming more challenging, selecting the right office building manager is even more critical to the success of achieving an owner’s goals. That’s why Hannay Realty Advisors is the right choice.

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