Few areas of real estate are more challenging or require more expertise than multi-family community property management. Especially in difficult economic times, the need to have each multi-family community meticulously maintained, staffed with high-caliber resident managers and operated with emphasis on proactive customer service and marketing is mandatory for success.

Hannay Realty Advisors possesses the knowledge and tools to effectively manage multi-family communities¬†through proven operational and marketing techniques geared toward maximizing occupancy and fiscal performance. Additionally, Hannay’s commitment to provide the highest quality living experience for residents ensures optimal day-to-day operation, tenant retention and fiscal performance of each property asset.

Manufactured Housing

Today’s upscale, well-located manufactured-home communities, filled with families
and retirees who prefer this lifestyle, bear little resemblance to their predecessors.
In many metropolitan areas, these properties have a seasonal influx of residents,
creating specific operating challenges unique to the property management of
manufactured housing communities.

Hannay Realty Advisors possesses the experience and expertise to effectively manage manufactured housing communities utilizing proven operational and marketing techniques geared towards fiscal performance as well as providing the highest level of lifestyle for residents. On-site staff members receive constant training and development, and current market trends in the category are constantly monitored along with legislative changes that may affect property owners. Click here to link to our Manufactured Housing website.

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