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Hannay Realty Advisors Fact Sheet

Overview: Hannay Realty Advisors is a full-service commercial real estate firm and investment firm focused on property management, distressed assets and co-investment throughout the west. Drawing from decades of experience through numerous business cycles, Hannay is able to utilize their expertise in all areas of the commercial real estate industry to provide comprehensive solutions to clients, owners and tenants. History: Hannay Realty Advisors is a 25-year old firm that has grown from a local Arizona company to a major regional presence in the western United States by capitalizing on their vast experience in adding and protecting asset value for lenders, owners and investors. The company’s third party property portfolio is currently over six million square feet, and, in the last two years, the firm has also handled over $1 billion dollars in defaulted loans as a court-appointed receiver. Our Business: Hannay occupies a unique space in the commercial real estate industry in that they are well capitalized and large enough to provide a broad range of services, yet flexible enough to provide strategic asset management and independent advisory services at a level of care unavailable from national brokerage firms. Areas of expertise include: property management, institutional quality financial reporting, leasing and marketing oversight, due diligence, development, feasibility analysis and co-investment opportunities with clients. Due to their unique ability to combine receivership, operations, property management, consulting and disposition services under one roof, Hannay Realty Advisors also has an outstanding track record with many of the major lenders and special servicers throughout the country.  In a very short period of time, the firm has become a nationally recognized authority for their expertise in managing distressed properties. Our Team: Hannay Realty Advisors built their business by focusing on results and service, and these core attributes continue today. The staff is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience and expertise in commercial real estate investment, development and property management, with senior management actively involved in the day-to-day operations of their client assets.

  • R. Craig Hannay, President
  • Reid Bracken, Vice President
  • Mary C. Hislop, Treasurer
  • Tamara Hartrick, Director of Finance
  • Nick Eggen, Director of Leasing
  • Annie Middaugh, Controller
  • Jamie J. Bartels, Senior Property Manage – Nevada


Headquarters: 2999 North 44th Street, Suite 400, Phoenix, Arizona 85018 Additional Offices: Las Vegas, Nevada Web Site: Media Contact: Mary Garrett (602) 432-2010

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